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Define the jawline and chin, contour the cheeks and lips with long lasting dermal filler.

Woman with her hands on her face
Before and after photo - Dermal fillers

Medical Procedure Overview

Dermal Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin. These soft gels are used to replace volume that is lost from specific fat compartments during the aging process or to enhance facial features.

Treatable Areas

Woman with her hands on her face

Facial Balancing

Holistic Face Filler Treatment

Comprehensive treatment method to balance facial structure and revolumize precise fat compartments that have hollowed with age. Your experienced provider will develop a tailored treatment plan from our curated menu of dermal filler, sculptra, biostimulators, and PRF. Maintain every 18 months.

Woman with her hands on her neck

Shape Up

Holistic Jawline Filler Treatment

Expertly-designed treatment method to disguise the early signs of jowls and sharpen the jawline. Best for men and women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Your experienced provider will develop a tailored treatment plan from our curated menu of dermal filler, sculptra, biostimulators, and kybella. May require a building sequence. Maintain every 18 months.

Woman with her hands on her face

Bright Eyes

Holistic Midface Filler Treatment

Precision treatment method to strategically impact fat compartments of the cheek, temples, and under-eye that have hollowed with age in order to brighten the way light and shadows appear on the face. Your experienced provider will develop a tailored treatment plan from our curated menu of dermal filler, sculptra, biostimulators, and PRF. Maintain every 18 months.

Woman with her hands on her face

Profile Balancing

Nose + Chin Filler Treatment

Expertly-designed treatment method to balance the nose with the chin and also straighten the nose with filler in a undetectable and dynamically beautiful way. Custom menu of reversible filler. Maintain every 2 years.

Woman with her hands on her face

Chin Shaping

Filler Session

Balancing filler treatment for the chin to seamlessly slim the face, lengthen the jawline in women, and strengthen the jawline in men. Your experienced provider will tailor a treatment plan with dermal filler. Maintain every 18 months.

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The Full Lip

Filler Session

Volumizing treatment method to build the lip size in a dynamically beautiful way. Menu of natural hyaluronic acid fillers. Maintain every 12 months.

Your Provider Makes a Difference

Headshot of CULT aesthetic injector Allie

Allie McAllister


Meet Allie McAllister, NP-C, a prominent specialist in aesthetic medicine and co-founder of Cult Aesthetics Clinics, Cult Aesthetics Conferences, and Squeeze Skin. Recognized as one of America's top 100 injectors for two consecutive years, Allie stands at the forefront of anti-aging innovation. As a national Galderma trainer and a board-certified aesthetic nurse practitioner in Atlanta, she brings over eight years of expertise to her work. Allie's commitment to excellence is evidenced in her clinic's approach to anti-aging—favoring natural enhancement over dramatic change. This is a direct reflection of her philosophy that the best cosmetic outcomes are those that preserve and celebrate the individual's unique features.

Cult Aesthetics Injector Jessica

Jessica Beattie


Jessica Beattie, a certified family nurse practitioner, has specialized in aesthetics and dermatology for over 6 years. An Auburn University alumna, she graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Nursing and holds a master's from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dedicated to boosting patient confidence and achieving aesthetic goals, Jessica excels in personalized care planning. Her commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements is evident through her continuous learning and attendance at various conferences and trainings. Her expertise in dermatology as a nurse practitioner significantly enhances her ability to tailor aesthetic solutions to specific dermatological needs.

Care Instructions

Here are some helpful instructions to help you plan for before and after your treatment:

Cult Aesthetics after care


What Our Patients Say

"Guys… THIS is the place! I usually get a filler and botox refresh every year or two and have done so at a couple of different places in the Atlanta area, but I still felt like my search for the ideal injector/clinic wasn't over. After scouring social media, I discovered CULT Aesthetics and booked my appointment with Jenn. Sure enough, Jenn was the missing gem! She made me very comfortable right off the bat, an absolute breath of fresh air! Usually my past visits to different clinics have given off a “get in and get out” vibe, but Jenn was an amazing listener while I was expressing my facial concerns. She also gave me a ton of insight on what she felt was best for me and my end goal but never made me feel pressured to partake in a service I was not ready for or interested in. Honestly, with her clear knowledge and expertise, she sold me on everything! I left CULT not only feeling amazing but also excited that Jenn had perfectly mapped out our plans for future visits."

Full Atlanta Team

"I honestly can’t say enough good things about the entire staff. They work cohesively which makes you feel like you’re with family. Tiffany is the first person that broke down the analogy of my own skin where it made sense and I have clear direction going forward. I’m very blessed that CULT was born so others like myself can benefit from the knowledge and passion they bring to the table."

"Allie has been by far the most knowledgeable, professional and down to earth injector I’ve ever been to. You can tell she’s passionate about what she does and wants the best for each client. She goes above and beyond and her staff does as well. I love coming here and will continue to do so as she makes me look and feel my best!"

"Beautiful practice, educated staff, clean, and friendly! Brittany and Leslie are the best! Thank you!"

When to Schedule Your Treatment

Schedule filler at least two weeks before a vacation or work meeting. Book 6 weeks before a big life event for the best results. Maintain at a yearly filler apppintment.

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